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 Oktoberfest: No Beer without ContiTech Hoses

Oktoberfest: No Beer without ContiTech Hoses

Home Media Stories Oktoberfest: No Beer without ContiTech Hoses

Oktoberfest: No Beer without ContiTech Hoses

Munich’s Oktoberfest is inconceivable without beer, chicken and knuckle of pork. But there’d also be no beer in the beer tankards without ContiTech’s food and drinking water hoses.

Fahrgeschaeft-vor-Frauenkirche-(1).jpgThe festival, at its famous “Wiesn” venue, really is an event full of superlatives. The world’s largest festival attracts more than five million visitors from the whole of Germany and the rest of the world to Munich, and then there are another 13,000 people who work at it. Around seven million foaming tankards of beer are served in the 16 marquees.

Tough and durable

The liquid gold will already have traveled a long way by that time. And that will inevitably involve passing through ContiTech hoses. Because all the Munich breweries use hoses such as Purple Snake, Blaudieck LGDU with the Pagufix fitting system and the Aquapal drinking water hose. “They’re tough and durable and hold all the German and European food and drinking water certifications – in short, they’re unbeatable,” declares Stephan Renz, a salesman and technical advisor for Industrial Hoses in southern Germany and Switzerland.

Aquapal – the highly flexible drinking water hose for use in the food and beverages industry
The Blaudieck and Pagufix 3000 hose fitting systems guarantee hygienic product flows, a long service life and maximum operational reliability – even with extremely heavy use

Thousands of meters of hose in use

Around 4,000 meters of beer hoses are in use in Munich’s breweries plus a further 5,000 meters or so of Aquapal for transporting drinking water. At the Wiesn itself, the breweries have installed some 300 meters of ContiTech beer hoses and 2,000 meters of Aquapal. In addition, the concession operators and the city’s water company have an estimated 4,000 meters of Aquapal in use, for example for washing tankards.

Important contribution to hygiene

The world’s no. 1 beer and beverage hose: ContiTech’s Purple Snake

The Wiesn is regarded as a flagship role model when it comes to hygiene,” says Renz. Strict conditions were imposed here by Munich’s Health Authority at an early stage, including compliance with the European Drinking Water Regulations, which have been in force since 2001. ContiTech’s hoses have played an important part in that right from the start.

Around seven million tankards of beer are served in the 16 marquees