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 A Clean Affair

A Clean Affair

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A Clean Affair

With the first rays of sunshine of the year, people all over the world are freshening up their homes, and we are helping with the spring cleaning.

A Clean Affair

Winter boots have carried street dirt and grit into the hall, and they have collected behind the sideboard over the past months. The curtains have gone yellow and the foggy layer on the windows prevents the sun from bringing light into the living room. That light, however, would make the thick layer of dust on the cabinets even more visible. Winter has most certainly left its mark, which only becomes visible once spring arrives. Time for a spring clean – a global ritual that has been practiced for many centuries, in which we also have a hand. From the outset, we were focused on household chores from as early as 1895. Ideally, these should be as quick, convenient, safe and effortless to perform as possible. Our solution is the surface material “Acella.” Dirt-resistant, highly durable and easy to maintain, this material almost does the housework by itself. At the time, our adverts showed relaxed housewives, even when their children had eaten on the sofa or spilled a drink at the kitchen table.

To this day, not much has changed. Upholstery materials can be found in virtually all areas of daily life. Car upholstery, upholstered furniture, TV and stereo cabinets, curtains, the wall coverings at the cinema – for all applications Acella impresses not only with its dirt-resistant properties and functionality, but also with its decorative design.

Dietmar Pohl Dietmar Pohl, application engineer at ContiTech:

“To fulfill today’s requirements for vacuum cleaners, our belts must be economical, small, powerful and durable – this is something that we can offer our customers.”

Small but powerful: high-performance belts for vacuum cleaners

What about the crumbs on the floor? This is a job for the vacuum cleaner, which, ideally, is easy to handle, reliable and has powerful suction. This poses several challengers for manufacturers and suppliers. Today, manufacturers expect their devices to have a service life of between 600 and 800 hours, or 10 to 15 years. At the same time, the power of vacuum cleaners is limited to 900 watts, for environmental reasons. However, this must not affect the suction. Our drive belts, which are integrated in the active nozzles and drive the brush, are a suitable solution.

A Clean Affair

“We supply a range of manufacturers with hundreds of thousands of small rubber toothed belts with a width of approximately six millimeters and a three millimeter spacing – i.e. the teeth are spaced three millimeters apart,” explains application engineer Dietmar Pohl. If the belt was wider, this would diminish suction performance. However, thanks to the compactness of the design, this is not the case. To ensure durability and a long service life, we compensate for the small size with extremely high-quality materials, for example.

“We always determine the specific needs together with the individual customer and then adapt our belts to the corresponding requirements,” explains Pohl. This principle is catching on – the majority of the active nozzles produced in Europe are equipped with ContiTech belts. According to Pohl, the demand for vacuum cleaners is particularly high at Christmas. Whether bought for yourself or as a gift to put under the tree, there is now nothing in the way of spring cleaning.

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