Pure Drinking Pleasure

Whether whisky or wine, our hoses transport drinks safely and hygienically.

It is a critical moment in any distillery, and the tension is palpable: the freshly distilled raw whisky is flowing into the oak barrels. The atmosphere is highly explosive – in theory, at least. The hoses, through which the liquid flows, become electrostatically charged by the distillate flowing through them, or by being moved across the floor, turning the production area into an explosion hazard zone. This is because the charge can reach such high energy levels that sparks can develop, for example, when the hose line is connected, and these sparks can ignite an explosive mixture. But thanks to our Purple Snake Plus Conductive, the whole process runs extremely smoothly. This high-performance hose can safely dissipate possible static charges thanks to the coiled black conductive strip in the white inner lining and the red hose cover. Of course, the hose also fulfills the legal regulations and hygiene requirements that apply to food and beverage hoses. As a result, it helps to ensure that filling processes can be carried out safely and hygienically – not only for whiskies but also for wine and other drinks.

Pure Drinking PleasurePure Drinking Pleasure
Cengiz Citlak As Continental's Business Manager Industrial Hose Solutions, Cengiz Citlak is responsible for the Food & Beverage, Water and Medical Hose areas in the EMEA/APAC region:

“The beverage hoses from Continental guarantee a hygienic and taste-neutral transportation connection for wine as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.”

Cleanliness for unadulterated taste

The homogeneous UPE inner liner of the Purple Snake Plus Conductive does not release any odors or flavors into the media flowing through the hose – after all, the cleanliness of the equipment is as important for the special character and flavor of the drink as the quality of the grape varieties and the skill of the master distiller. High-quality materials, extruded inner linings, and seamless quality controls prevent contamination of the material being conveyed.

Reliable and flexible in every way

Their superior compressive strength, exceptional flexibility, ease of use and long service life all help to make our products stand out from the crowd. Together with the Pagufix swaged fitting, they form reliable hose lines that are used in wineries and filling plants wherever flexible transport connections are required. So with this in mind, it's time to raise a glass!

Pure Drinking PleasurePure Drinking Pleasure