Fireshield 5000 Blowout Preventer Control Hoses

High pressure hoses conveying hydraulic power to the surface blowout preventer.

BOP Hose Construction


Internal diameter up to 2"
Bore type not full flow, rough bore
Liner type NBR
Design pressure 5,000 psi
Coupling crimped
Reinforcement 4 or 6 wire spirals
Cover red flame retardant CR rubber over layers of
heat resistant fibre
Operating temperature -20° C to +100° C (-4° F to 212° F)
Max. available length 60 m (200ft)
For further technical details download the datasheet

Features & Benefits

  • Used in onshore and offshore drilling operations on the blow out preventer (BOP) to provide hydraulic power to seal the well head in case of a kick or an emergency situation where operation is critical during exposure to fire and high temperature
  • Stainless steel armour is available upon request to protect the hose against external mechanical damage