The REFLEX Option

Most hose types can be supplied with a REFLEX construction.

A REFLEX hose does not have any helical wire reinforcement. Instead, the construction utilizes separate groups of reinforcement separated by a thick rubber filler block. This arrangement serves to provide a good level of crush and kink resistance in normal service, but should a REFLEX hose be accidentally kinked through over-bending, then the full circular shape and performance characteristics will be regained once the kink initiating force is removed.

When a standard helix wire reinforced hose is crushed or over-bent to the point where the hose wall is flattened or kinked, the helical wire will be permanently deformed. The hose will then need to be retired from service. A REFLEX hose will regain its shape and performance characteristics after such an event.

The REFLEX Option
The REFLEX Option


REFLEX is available in both single and double carcass forms. The properties of a REFLEX hose are different from those of a standard helical wire reinforced hose (tensile strength, bending stiffness, torsional stiffness etc.), so advice should always be sought from Continental when considering the REFLEX option.

Features & Benefits

REFLEX hoses can be particularly beneficial to systems where there can be a high risk of over-bending such as in a CBM system. Other systems can also benefit from REFLEX designs.