Guiding Bushes

Guiding bushes ensure a stable guidance of the wheel set at high dynamic load impact.

Play a key role in guiding the wheelset. As system components they can also be used to transmit loads in the traction link and anti roll system as well as in the driveline suspensions.

Guiding Bushes


  • Allow the wheelset to follow the track course with less wear
  • Transferring forces between wheelset and bogie
  • Easy assembly
  • Maintenance free
  • Acoustic and vibration isolation and damping


  • Outer diameter/ length e.g. Ø190 u8/ 150 mm
  • Inner diameter/ length e.g. Ø50 j7/ 260 mm
  • Operating load range radial: e.g. 0 - 16 kN
  • Max. loads radial: e.g. 38 kN
  • Operating load range axial: e.g. 0 - 7 kN
  • Max. loads axial: e.g. 34 kN
  • Radial stiffness: e.g. 16 kN/mm
  • Axial stiffness: e.g. 6 k/mm
  • Torsional stiffness: e.g. 160Nm/°
  • Cardanic stiffness: e.g.1240Nm/°
  • Weight: e.g. 25 kg