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 Clearing the Way for the Winter Vacation

Clearing the Way for the Winter Vacation

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Clearing the Way for the Winter Vacation

Our products play an important role in ensuring perfectly prepared pistes, safe travel on mountains and a comfortable journey to winter sports resorts.

Clearing the Way for the Winter VacationAs soon as the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, there’s no stopping winter sports enthusiasts, who strap on their skis or boards and head down the mountain. Seamless logistics both on- and off-piste are essential for ensuring that everything runs smoothly in winter sports resorts. And this is where our solutions come in.

Perfectly prepared pistes are absolutely essential. Every single day, in ski resorts all over the world, snow groomers such as those from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG make their way up and down the slopes and carve tracks along the cross-country skiing routes. These vehicles need to be robust and stable because they are used for several hours a day during the high season – including in the dark as well as in windy and inclement weather. Reliability and safety are top priority.
This is why Kässbohrer uses our chain tracks. They provide the propulsion needed for the steep and slippery terrain. Their tremendous dynamic resilience and resistance to low temperatures mean that the snow groomers can be deployed even in high mountain regions.

A comfortable ride to the next run

Clearing the Way for the Winter VacationAnyone who is still unsteady on their skis or snowboard and has to practice on gentle slopes will be particularly grateful for our conveyor technology. In place of lifts, this brings beginners back to the top safely, allowing them to focus all their efforts on learning and practice. Our special-purpose conveyors are ideally suited for this.

But those who use the gondola lifts to take them up to snow-white ski slopes also benefit from our technology. Cableway manufacturers such as Doppelmayr rely on our know-how and work together with us continuously to further improve ride comfort for users. Our products help to stabilize the gondola lifts both vertically and horizontally. There’s no jerkiness, not even when the cabins arrive at the stations where they are subject to stronger forces. The material must be of the highest quality and withstand extremely low temperatures.
Anton Goger Anton Goger works for Continental in Austria, where the ski resorts are virtually on his doorstep:

“Our products are perfect for gondola lifts and made for a beautifully smooth ride.”

Keeping the access roads open

Away from the slopes, too, a whole host of logistical challenges need to be overcome in winter sports regions. To ensure that ski vacationers traveling by car reach their accommodation safely, the roads need to be cleared properly. We equip winter road maintenance vehicles with flexible and robust rubber hoses, helping to keep the roads clear of snow and ice. The smooth, black, non-porous EPDM lining of our Gold Snake is ideal for the flow of brine – an effective and increasingly popular alternative to salt and grit. This makes the Gold Snake ideal for use in winter road maintenance vehicles. In addition, its resistance to temperatures as low as minus 30°C means that it remains flexible even under frosty winter conditions and is easy to handle.

A comfortable arrival by train

Clearing the Way for the Winter VacationOur air springs also make traveling by train more comfortable. They are located between the vehicle body and bogie, forming part of the secondary suspension system, and absorb shocks and vibrations so that any uneven sections of track are barely perceptible to passengers inside the train. Unlike commercial vehicles and passenger cars, rail transport cannot be modified for summer and winter use – our air springs need to be reliable all year round! With an innovative mix of materials, we have successfully developed air springs for rail vehicles that function reliably even under extreme temperatures.

This shows that whether on- or off-piste, our cold-resistant and innovative technology solutions clear the way for a chilled-out winter vacation.