CONTI LoadSense

High-performance load monitoring system for conveyor belts

CONTI LoadSense

CONTI LoadSense is a stationary conveyor monitoring system. It monitors the load on the belt and tracks the performance of the conveyor process and system. It utilizes radar and ultra-sonic technologies while monitoring the flow and profile of material being conveyed along with the position of the belt as it moves. The volume of material being conveyed is precisely calculated. The risk of material spillage is determined by monitoring the belt edge position relative to the profile of the material. The center of load on the belt as well as the load distribution along the conveyor length is monitored. By relying on automatically calculated CEMA, DIN and ISO standard recommendations, the customer can feel safe about the ongoing operations and track the conveyor process performance.


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Key Features

  • Volume Flow Measurement (live; historical data)
  • Spillage Monitoring
  • Belt Alignment Monitoring
  • Load Position-on-Belt Tracking: Center of Load on Belt and Load Distribution over the complete length of the Conveyor
  • Belt Speed Measurement and Belt Alignment Monitoring
  • Live Video
  • Process Performance Tracking using flexible & industry standard thresholds
  • Various Signal Outputs: Empty Belt, Total Weight on belt overload, Cross-sectional overload (DIN 22101, CEMA), Overspeed, Belt Mistracking (ISO 15236-1), Spillage
  • System Self Diagnostics


  • LoadSense can easily be retrofitted to any conveyor system and is suitable for all conveyor belts
  • LoadSense automatically monitors the conveyor operation 24/7 and enables the customer to track its performance
  • System alarms sound automatically when detecting critical loading conditions. Alarms are provided by relay connection to the system control in order to avoid increased risk for system failure leading to unplanned downtimes, and increasing system safety
  • Live access to the conveyor process status (real-time and historical information) at any time via intuitive software: easy-to-understand visualization of the most important status information, detailed information available in submenus
  • Contact free measurement, without wear requires low maintenance
  • Precise measurement under all environmental conditions provides reliable data
  • Quick and easy installation and commissioning
  • Hardware extendable, PLC based System
  • Remote technical support and software updates

Main Hardware Scope

  • Radar Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • IP Camera
  • HMI Cabinet with PLC and LTE Device


  • Using 2D-Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging: radio-aided location and distance measurement) technologies the material flow on a conveyor belt during operation is measured 24/7.
  • It scans the material and belt from various angles to determine the position of load and belt.
  • Data cross correlation is applied to calculate volume flow and to monitor for spillage and belt misalignment.
  • Belt speed is measured for belt and load position tracking along the conveyor length.


The system is suitable for a variety of applications and materials worldwide. It is an industrial solution for customers in bulk material handling, that require safe and accurate information about the material flow in their conveyor processes.

  • For process, machine, and inventory control
  • Replacement of existing belt scales, due to high maintenance costs
  • Volume based process control for crushers in open pit mining applications
  • Mixing processes fully controlled by multiple material volume measurements on feeding conveyors
  • In-feed and out-feed material control of ports (for ship loading and piling)
  • Material flow measurement for tunneling machines and to control material discharge on different pits
  • Overload, spillage, mistracking monitoring on standard conveyors

Technical Key Data

Belt Speed max. 16 m/s
Belt Width 800 mm (31.5”) up to 3200 mm (126”)
Temperature Range -25 °C up to +70 °C
Radar Operating Frequency 76-77 GHz
Ultrasonic Range 610 mm (nom.)
IP Class IP6K9K (Radar Sensor)
Input Voltage 115 VAC / 230 VAC
Current 1 A / 0,5 A
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Relays 8
System Output Ethernet TCP/IP

* This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease in the United States, or sold or leased in the United States, until Federal Communications Commission authorization is obtained.

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