Combine Pick-Up Belts

Patented Flexi-Tooth pick up teeth that snap in and snap out for replacement without taking off the belt will save you hours of down time.

The revolutionary Flexi-Tooth Belt lets you change tines in the field, without removing the belt!

The patented pick-up teeth, that snap in new, and snap out for replacement, without taking off the belt, will save you hours of down time. Made of strong impregnated nylon, these teeth will give you acres and acres of harvest. Continental also offers the pick-up belts with traditional bolt on tines, or without tines if you want to reuse your own. A 100% S & Z Twist polyester carcass ensures good tracking. The 100% polyester will not rot, mildew, or stretch.

  • 2-ply polyester construction for strength with Clipper lacing and pin. Holes conveniently punched for Bolt-On type tines.
  • Pickup Belts are available with either the Flexi-Tooth tines or the Bolt-On type tines, please specify when ordering.
Combine Pick-Up BeltsSnap-in and out Flexi-Tooth® Tines

Make the educated choice…

The Continental pickup belt is another integral part of your overall harvest. It is important to know all the components that make a good Pickup belt; everything from fabric to the kind of teeth that are used. Until recently, a Bolt-On tine application has been the most popular type of Pickup teeth.  We offer an excellent alternative to the traditional Bolt-On tine, the Flexi-Tooth tine. Listed below are special features that have made the Continental Pickup belt the obvious choice for quality!

Benefits & Features

  • Two plies of S & Z twist polyester fabric are used in Continental's Pickup belt for the best tracking and stability.
  • Our pickup belts are OIL RESISTANT and will not suffer degradation due to oily crops (i.e. Canola).
  • The pickup belts are ozone and oxidation resistant.

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