Hoses for CBM LPG Transfer

Standard GMPHOM 2009, EN 1762, BS 4089

LPG suction and discharge hoses for ship-to-shore CBM transfer.

Continental hoses have been widely used over many years for LPG transfer in CBM/MBM applications. LPG hose construction for a given application depends upon the product being transferred and the operational parameters. In particular, refrigerated LPG has a different set of hose system transfer requirements to that of LPG at ambient temperatures.

CBM Hose System Connected To Tanker
CBM String Beach Assembly


Internal diameter 4” to 12”
Design pressure 15, 19,21 or 25 bar
Max. available length up to 12.2 m (40ft)
Designs smoothbore and roughbore
LPG hose designs cryogenic and non-cryogenic

Features & Benefits

Features of LPG hose construction may include;
  • End fitting materials for low temperature service
  • Reinforced lining applied along the hose bore to reduce the risk of explosive decompression
  • 'Bleeder Cords' to exhaust any permeated gas to the hose ends