Conti®VX Torque Team Advance (HY-T Torque Team)

New names for industrial drive belts

We are aligning and enhancing our industrial drive belt portfolio with a globally consistent naming structure. That is why you will see some changes on our product pages in the next months.


Continental Conti®VX Torque Team Advance (formerly, HY-T® Torque Team®) belts tame your problem drives. Built with multiple belts joined by a tough, rubber-impregnated fabric backing that regulates belt travel so all ribs pull together as a single, perfectly matched TEAM. Pulsation, vibration, shock loads and misalignment are problems for any set of V-belts, no matter how perfectly matched the individual units are. These conditions often lead to chronic belt whip or to belt turnover, resulting in premature wear or sudden failure of one or more belts.

Of course, when one belt goes, the whole set has to be replaced. Each rib in a Conti®VX Torque Team Advance belt is free to wedge into the sheave for maximum traction, maximum power and transmission efficiency. Operating in standard sheave grooves without sheave or drive modification, they can tame any problem drives now in operation. Or they can fit right in with your new drive designs without special modifications. V-belt performance begins with the tension members, so we build our belts with super strong specialty treated Polyester cord. It provides the high-strength, high-horsepower rating capacity needed to effectively transmit drive power. And it is tough enough to tolerate the misalignment that quickly destroys belts. The polyester construction has excellent strength and minimal elongation. Drive performance is consistent, reliable and predictable over the life of the belt.

We then add a tough oil and abrasion resistant fabric backing to provide maximum longitudinal flexibility and lateral strength to withstand the dynamic forces acting within a joined belt. The backing also has special adhesion characteristics that enable it to bond to the V-sections to maintain the integrity of the belt. The cushion is made of an EPDM fiber-reinforced, engineered compound providing oil, heat, ozone and abrasion resistance offering you maximum performance.


  • Tolerates misalignment
  • Available in cut-edge or envelope construction
  • Reduced vibration and turn over
  • Temperature range from -40 °C to +60 °C
  • MatchMaker
  • Electrically conductive in accordance with ISO 1813
  • Conditionally resistant to oil

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
  • 1. Fabric jacket or Raw rubber edge
  • 2. Natural rubber
  • 3. Polyester tension member

Length range


Profile Length range Li (in)
B/BX 35-315
C 60-420
D 120-660


Profile Length range Ld (mm)
3VX 25-140
5V/5VX 50-355
8V 100-600