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 New Glass Bead Printing Blanket

New Glass Bead Printing Blanket

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New Glass Bead Printing Blanket

Extremely resilient: The glass bead printing blanket CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl for printing securities and high-quality packaging.

New Glass Bead Printing BlanketGood prospects for printing securities, bank bills, and high-quality packaging: the enhanced printing blanket CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl guarantees a smooth printing process and minimum downtimes.
Securities, packaging, bank bills and other high-quality printing projects: CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl, ContiTech Elastomer Coating’s new glass bead printing blanket, is extremely resilient and durable, as well as antistatic and ISEGA-certified.

“ContiTech is bringing something new to the market for printing securities and high-quality packaging – an enhanced printing blanket with a cover layer made of tiny glass beads,“ explains Area Manager Michael Simm, responsible at ContiTech for the distribution of the new product. „The CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl printing blanket is manufactured at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings in Northeim and is sold via ContiTech sales to printing shops all over the world – with fast, reliable, and straightforward service.“

New Glass Bead Printing BlanketHighest quality for securities, certificates and packaging: A profile view of CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl.​

Whether it is hologram films for bank notes and certificates or packaging films for high-quality Swiss chocolate: Instead of using printing ink in the hot embossing process, a thin plastic film is applied to the printing stock by means of pressure and heat. The printing blanket plays a crucial role in this. On the one hand, it must have an ink-repellent surface so that no printing ink is smeared on the printed sheet or other guide elements of the machine. On the other hand, the printing blanket must withstand enormous press forces of up to 60 tons and therefore requires very high mechanical stability.

Firmly anchored: 7,000 glass beads per square centimeter

In this small, yet extremely fine, niche market, ContiTech is the only manufacturer worldwide that can produce a precision printing blanket of this quality class. "Glass is antistatic and is also a material with a very high surface hardness. This makes glass the number one material for this special field of application," says Simm. The secret lies in the extremely fine, uniform coating. Roughly 7,000 ultra-fine glass beads per square centimeter are anchored in the cover layer – each with the same exact diameter. The key is the completely uniform distribution of the glass beads and their special anchoring in the base.

New Glass Bead Printing BlanketThe new glass bead printing blanket in detail: The surface of CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl.​

ISEGA-certified: free of pollutants and non-hazardous to health

CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl is resistant not only to enormous embossing pressure but also to temperatures of up to 160 °C as well as all printing chemicals, benzine, acetone, and oil. And because packaging is a particularly sensitive issue in the foodstuffs industry, ContiTech has all printing blankets for the packaging industry inspected by an independent testing institute to ensure they meet food law requirements. As a result, CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl has been awarded with the ISEGA certificate, which verifies that it is free of pollutants and non-hazardous to health.

“We ensure the dependability of our precision printing blanket in strict quality controls. The blanket is assembled in our in-house format center or at one of our partners,” explains Simm, who puts the advantages of the blanket in a nutshell: “CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl guarantees a smooth plastic foil printing process, and its high durability ensures minimum downtimes.”