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CONTI Protect Belt Monitoring Systems

Industrial and mining applications move heavy loads that can be very abusive to conveyor belts. In addition to impact and abrasive effects of the material being conveyed, conveyor belts are often subjected to conditions that cause damage, such as trapped material due to spillage, chute plugs, overloading, slip and other common issues. In these environments, keeping the belt running is crucial for economic efficiency and success. If there is a long-term shutdown of a critical conveyor system, the entire production chain often goes down, resulting in enormous financial losses.

Innovative monitoring systems make it possible to determine the exact condition of a conveyor belt at any time. By monitoring belt health, it’s possible to manage the belt’s condition to ensure that the system runs trouble-free. While the belt is running, any detected issues are identified and prioritized by the system for maintenance and repair based on the size and position of the damage. The system data can also be used as an aid to identify systematic issues that, when addressed by proactive system maintenance activities, will improve the belt’s operating conditions. Prevention of belt degradation leads to longer belt life and potentially avoids catastrophic belt failure.

CONTI Inspect Belt Monitoring Services

Frequent Belt Scanning or on Demand

The CONTI INSPECT series has been designed to ensure that damage caused to the conveyor belt as a result of wear is detected timeously in order to maintain the high quality of the conveyor belts during operation. CONTI INSPECT enables continuous belt scanning during conveyor operation at full belt speed. As a result, inspection time, cost and effort can be reduced to a minimum. The CONTI Inspect system allows maintenance to be planned quickly, easily and in advance to enable you to make the most effective use of scheduled conveyor downtimes.

The CONTI Inspect series comprises Cord Condition Monitoring (CONTI CordInspect), Belt Thickness Measurement (CONTI WearInspect) and Belt Surface Inspection (CONTI SurfaceInspect). These systems are mobile and can be used flexibly. A full service by our trained Continental field engineers is available. A detailed report of the inspection is generated which provides a precise description of the abrasive wear, damage to the belt surface and the state of the tensile carrier.

    CONTI PROTECT Belt Monitoring Systems

    • CONTI CordProtect
      CONTI CordProtect

      CONTI CordProtect is a permanent magnetic steel cord monitoring system.

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    • CONTI MultiProtect
      CONTI MultiProtect

      CONTI MultiProtect is the premier steel cord and splice integrity monitoring system.

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    • CONTI RipProtect
      CONTI RipProtect

      CONTI RipProtect helps minimize longitudinal belt rips.

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    • CONTI TotalProtect
      CONTI TotalProtect

      CONTI TotalProtect continuously detects and monitors risks in critical high-abuse applications.

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    • CONTI SpliceProtect
      CONTI SpliceProtect

      CONTI SpliceProtect monitors the condition of splices and informs before it fails.

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    • CONTI SurfaceProtect
      CONTI SurfaceProtect

      CONTI SurfaceProtect is a laser based system that continuously monitors the surface of the conveyor belt.

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    CONTI INSPECT Belt Monitoring Services

    • CONTI CordInspect
      CONTI CordInspect

      CONTI CordInspect is a magnetic steel cord monitoring service.

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    • CONTI WearInspect
      CONTI WearInspect

      CONTI WearInspect is a mobile system to measure overall-gauge of a conveyor belt.

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    • CONTI SurfaceInspect
      CONTI SurfaceInspect

      CONTI SurfaceInspect is a mobile inspection system to measure the cover surface topography of a conveyor belt.

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