Continental fuel lines.

For all types of fuels. And all types of engines.

Whether construction, agricultural or transport machinery – our line systems are designed for all fuel types: gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, biodiesel, liquid petroleum gas…anything is possible. And they’re every bit as robust as your engines require. This ensures optimum engine performance – at all times. With a broad product range and an engineering team that also enables us to implement new requirements, we are your partner in all aspects concerning efficient fuel supply systems – all over the world.

Why you should choose Continental fuel lines.

It's simple.

We offer lines for all fuel and engine types from a single source.

We use rubber, plastic or metals – depending on the project requirements.

We supply electrically conductive fuel lines – to prevent spark discharge.

We develop custom products request based in performance specifications.

continental fuel lines materials

Fuel expertise under one roof.


What material? Elastomers, steel and/or plastic - the project conditions are crucial.
You have the requirements, we have the solution.

Our solutions are as diverse as your needs. Thanks to the comprehensive materials expertise of our engineering team, we develop fuel lines designed to suit exactly your project conditions. For example, we use steel to withstand exceptionally high temperatures and pressures. We use plastics for more lightweight designs. And we use the flexibility of rubber wherever space is at a premium.

Benefits of steel lines

  • Very high pressure resistance
  • Very high temperature resistance


Benefits of elastomeric hoses

  • High volume increase
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Very good resistance to chemicals and environmental influences
  • Very high temperature resistance
  • High pressure resistance
  • Extremely low permeation designs available

Benefits of plastic pipes

  • Very low working weight(lightweight)
  • Malleable
  • Good value for money
  • Very good resistance to chemicals and environmental influences
  • Extremely low permeation designs available
Leitfähigkeit von Continental Kraftstoffleitungen

Fuel expertise under one roof.


Preventing spark discharge.
When fuels like diesel or premium gasoline flow through the lines, they can become electrically charged. 

This can sometimes lead to spontaneous discharging and the risk of sparks. ContiTech is the only supplier of electrically conductive hose systems. Innovations that immediately dissipate the electrical charge and so significantly enhance the operating safety of your engines. Not only does this prevent sparks from jumping, but – even better than that – it prevents sparks from being generated in the first place.
Continental fuel line connections

Fuel expertise under one roof.


Our goal: Always stay connected. 
We make sure that our lines and your engines always stay connected.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Which is why we focus specifically on connections. We have decades of experience in validating pipe-hose connections and rigorously testing all new product developments. Whether we’re talking about connections with directly crimped metal elbow tubes, plastic quick-release couplings or customer-specific connections – we make sure that our lines and your engines always stay connected.
Produktreinheit von Continental Kraftstoffschläuchen

Fuel expertise under one roof.

#Product purity

Clean work. For maximum engine performance.
Our products are characterized by maximum precision, meaning that even the smallest particles and other impurities can impair their function. 

This could potentially compromise – or even completely destroy – your engine’s performance. . Which is why we ensure we work cleanly across all our process steps – we shoot foam projectiles through our lines, we blow purified air through our products and we rinse them at our rinsing stations. After all, the best engine is the one that converts 100% of its power to performance on the road. Or on the field.
Engine Heart

The driving force behind our engineering: 


Which product do I need for my application?

Selecting the right product depends on the operating temperature and pressure required. Find your required hose at a glance.

Everything in bar. And in degrees Celsius.



Fuel hoses with an operating temperature of up to 125°C



Fuel hoses with an operating temperature of up to 160°C



Fuel hoses, operating temperature > 160°

  • 24 28 / 29 28
  • 24 88

Here’s why you need Continental.

We combine capacity for innovation with high product safety.

There are lots of good reasons to choose Continental Industry – including product diversity, engineering expertise and global availability.

Engine construction is constantly evolving. So, too, are fuel transportation requirements. At Continental, we grow at the same rate as your requirements and always offer you precisely the fuel line that you need to make your project a success.

This calls for our engineering expertise as well as our quality policy, under which we put every new product development through rigorous testing procedures before it goes into production. Furthermore, our new products meet SAE and DIN EN standards.

But even more: Continental Industry supplies impressive fluid solutions  for all off-highway-vehicles – e.g. for chassis, engines, transmissions, cabs and exhaust systems.

Our hose lines for industrial vehicles

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